Understanding Homeowner and Auckland Council Responsibilities: A Focus on Drainage and Maintenance

December 5, 2023
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Understanding Homeowner and Auckland Council Responsibilities: A Focus on Drainage and Maintenance

Drainage and stormwater management are crucial for protecting property and public health in Auckland. While the Auckland Council manages the public stormwater network, individual property owners also have important responsibilities when it comes to drainage on their own land. This post explains the division of duties between homeowners and the Council.

Homeowner Responsibilities

As a homeowner, you are responsible for managing private drainage on your property.  This includes:

  • Maintaining stormwater pipes, drains, and gutters to ensure they are clear of debris and functioning properly. Conduct regular checks and clearing to prevent blockages.
  • Ensuring any changes you make to your land, such as construction projects, do not negatively impact the natural flow of stormwater into neighboring properties
  • Maintaining private drains up to and including the connection point to the public stormwater network
  • If a private drain serves multiple properties, maintenance duties are shared between the owners.
  • Contact Ninja Group Drainage & Civil Limited if you experience any issues with your private drainage system.  For overland flow problems, consult a landscaping contractor or engineer.

Auckland Council Responsibilities

The Auckland Council is tasked with managing public stormwater infrastructure and networks, including

  • Public stormwater pipes, drains, manholes, catchpits and other assets. The Council maintains these and keeps records.
  • Building and maintaining the large public stormwater drainage networks across the Auckland region.
  • Managing stormwater as it flows through public spaces.
  • Providing resources and guides to help homeowners effectively manage private stormwater systems.
  • Offering consultation services for developments that may impact stormwater flows.
  • Responding to issues on public stormwater assets when reported by residents.

In the realm of stormwater management, the boundary between homeowner and Auckland Council responsibilities is clearly defined. Homeowners are responsible for maintaining private stormwater assets on their property, up to the point where these connect to the public network. This boundary can also be where the connection crosses into a neighbour’s property or a reserve.  

Working Together for Effective Stormwater Management

While the Council manages the public system, homeowners must fulfill their duties on private property. We all play a role in keeping Auckland’s waterways healthy.  Here at Ninja Group Drainage & Civil Limited we take our responsibility in this task seriously and are available to help in any issues you may have with your drainage system to ensure you comply with the Council’s requirements.  Contact us today to talk about your drainage problems.  


Auckland Council – Your Responsibilities as an owner of a private watercourse. 

Auckland Council – Who Maintains Stormwater PIpes and Drains
Auckland Council – Stormwater Management Guide

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