Drain Installation

Choose Drain Ninjas for a thorough and reliable drain installation service. Our expert team of Registered and Certified Drain Layers are an ideal choice for your next drain installation project.

Bare Site Solutions

Working from a bare site our expert drain layers can install new sewer and stormwater drains. Sewers can either run from the house to a new sewer tank or to a new council connection. Stormwater is not an issue either. Our team can connect these up to an existing council connection, a pump chamber or a soakage pit. The control of water for surface drainage can be managed through the right channel grade systems as required.

Drainage Additions

Maybe you need a new water tank added or a pump chamber installed – our team can provide you with expert advice to manage these small changes with ease. Not sure what you need to do to comply with council regulations? Not a problem our expert team will ensure you are offered a solution that is right for the job and priced affordably.

Drain Repairs

Whatever the size of the issue, just call our team for any of your drainage problems. In conjunction with our sister organisation Drain Ninjas – we can isolate the exact issue and then roll in a solution to remove the cause of the problem and get things flowing in the right direction. Go here to learn more about our drain repair business.

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The Ninja Drainage recommendation of the month:

bi-annual inspection and flushing of drains for residential and commercial clients to ensure drain performance and avoidance of unpleasant and expensive problems and possible health issues. We have designed competitively priced annual contracts to meet everyone’s needs.

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