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Whatever the size of the issue, just call our team for any of your drainage problems. In conjunction with our sister organisation Drain Ninjas – we can isolate the exact issue and then roll in a solution to remove the cause of the problem and get things flowing in the right direction.

So why do Drains break?

Generally, it’s environmental change however age can be a factor as well. Mostly it can be down to ground movement caused by expansion and contraction which could be due to a change in temperature or periods of heavy rain that cause the ground to move more than it usually does. Perhaps you have visible cracks in the land which show this movement? Or maybe a nearby tree has found its way into your drain and grown across its length and caused a fracture?

For older properties around Auckland a lot still use the original old ceramic drains which have joins every 600mm to 800mm. These are fine until the ground around them remains stable. Once movement occurs then the joints open up and problems start to occur.
For newer properties it could be due to an issue occurring during the construction stage. Perhaps a drain wasn’t buried deep enough and a digger has rolled over it and damaged it.
Most of the time these problems remain hidden until they build into something more serious.

How do you know if you have a broken drain?

Pooling of water around the property may start with tell tale bad smells letting you know something is wrong. Or a blockage could cause your drains to struggle to breathe and begin to make a “glugging” sound from one of the lowest water traps in the house letting you know something is not right.

A worst case scenario is for the broken drain to start creating a much larger whole around it as waste pours out causing a much bigger problem. Something that thankfully is not as common as whole driveways can collapse when this occurs.

So once you know you have a problem what’s next?

We start by isolating exactly what the problem is and where it is.

By doing this as accurately as possible we help to limit the cost of any fixes that need to be rolled in. Our sister company – Drain Ninjas – supports us here with their CCTV drain discovery solution.

You can come to us after having used a company like Drain Ninjas and want us to use their advice on where the drain is broken. This is no problem if the information is accurate and will help us get the job done as quickly as possible.

Once we have assessed the information from the investigation we can provide you with a quote for the job. Once approved we get in and get the job done. We replace what is there with a more resilient solution in a quick and efficient way to ensure it doesn’t cause you an issue in the future.

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The Ninja Drainage recommendation of the month:

bi-annual inspection and flushing of drains for residential and commercial clients to ensure drain performance and avoidance of unpleasant and expensive problems and possible health issues. We have designed competitively priced annual contracts to meet everyone’s needs.

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