How to Handle Drain Repairs in Older Homes

January 8, 2024
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How to Handle Drain Repairs in Older Homes

Tackling drain repairs in older homes requires a delicate balance.  The features these homes commonly contain require a unique approach to retain functionality while remaining authentic to their historical roots.

Let us discuss the repair complexities and how professionals can help ensure it stays in great shape. 

Understanding the Drainage System in Older Homes

The drainage systems in New Zealand’s older homes primarily use materials like cast iron or terracotta. These deteriorate over time and are often corroded or cracked. Many of these systems initially combined stormwater and sewage drainage, though most have now been upgraded to separate the two.

Debris accumulation causes clogs and damage. This needs regular inspections and cleaning. The aging infrastructure has suffered from underinvestment, culminating in more expensive emergency repairs. 

Unfortunately, these old plumbing systems and tree root infiltration can cause sewage backflow.  Also, some properties must have fully functioning stormwater systems to sustain issues such as floods. 

To ensure the system’s longevity, homeowners should adopt regular maintenance practices—gentle cleaning and mindful water usage. A good option to prevent future problems is replacing existing pipes with PVC.

Signs of Drainage Problems in Older Homes

Be on the lookout for these common drainage problem signs:

  • Discoloured water or pipes
  • Overflowing gutters and downspouts
  • Water stains in the basement
  • Slow drains and frequent backups
  • Unusually lush green spots in the yard
  • Cracks in the foundation​
  • Persistent wet areas or standing water in the yard
  • Sewer odors

Choosing the Ideal Drain Repair Service

When selecting a drain repair service, it’s essential to consider various aspects:

  • Experience and Expertise: Evaluate the company’s history and the skills of its team. Ninja Group Drainage & Civil Limited is a team of Certified Drainlayers. We offer a high level of expertise in all our services.
  • Local Knowledge: Ninja Group is well-versed in local drainage challenges, regulations, and compliance.
  • Response Time: Timing is crucial for urgent drainage issues. We are committed to providing prompt and reliable services in our areas. 
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored solutions for New Zealand homes are offered by leveraging our local expertise and understanding of local conditions.

Choosing Ninja Group Drainage & Civil Limited means you can access comprehensive benefits, from specialised knowledge to fast, efficient services.

Secure Your Home’s Future with Expert Drainage Care

Don’t wait until minor issues become big problems. Contact Ninja Drainage & Civil at 0800 101 082 for a comprehensive evaluation and tailored solutions. 

We bring a depth of experience, expertise, and a commitment to preserving the integrity and charm of your cherished home. Your home’s foundation is its bedrock; entrust its care to the experts and ensure its legacy endures.

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